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The Course in “Hotel & Wellness Design Solutions” at Poli.Design aims to compare all the players in the hospitality and wellness sector in the classroom. It is aimed at graduates preferably in architecture, design or engineering and at professionals in the sector: hoteliers, entrepreneurs, managers, SPA managers, designers and companies in the sector.Students are required to research and re-elaborate skills, passion, curiosity, enthusiasm and participation.No special entry requirements are required. Conceived as a specialization course in the hospitality sector, HO.RE.CA. and Wellness, the course aims to compare all the players in the hospitality world in the classroom: hoteliers, managers, designers and companies in the sector.It is possible to schedule a telephone interview for mutual knowledge and information on the Course, objectives and expectations.

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The Hotel Design Solutions Course at Poli.Design was created to investigate the new dynamics that influence the choices of users and how the design of internal and external common areas (for example the wellness areas or “private areas”) can determine the success of an accommodation facility, both in the case of restyling, which of new construction. Ample space will be dedicated to the restart of the sector most affected by the epidemic emergency; the current situation will be analyzed and how to manage the post-emergency phase with an eye towards the future evolution of hotels and wellness spaces
The new international trends in the design of services, common areas and different types of rooms will be explored.

The partnership between the university component and the world of companies and professions guarantees the quality of training through a practical theoretical approach, always updated, immediately usable in the profession.
The Course is structured in the first part (lectures), to transfer tools that can be immediately used in the profession. In the second part, (of project work) the technical aspects of the most innovative products of the leading companies in the reference market are analyzed, with the aim of comparing in the classroom all the players in the world of hospitality: managers, managers, designers and companies in the sector.


The learning objectives of the course are:

  • understanding and managing the problems of design of a "complex machine" such as an accommodation facility, considering space, equipment and furniture in a context where the customer is always more attentive, prepared and demanding;
  • managing the design process from the definition of the brief to the development of the concept to the evaluation of the costs and the identification of the break even point;
  • identifying the dynamics that govern the relationship between customer and designer and the drivers for creating a "high performance" structure.

The course in “Hotel & Wellness Design Solutions” is divided into different days, each of which provides for the development of a theoretical part, which provides the basic tools and a part in which they are invited industry experts, manufacturers and designers, who present solutions and case studies in the field of hospitality and HO.RE.CA.
Depending on the pandemic situation, visits to companies, showrooms or design studios may be scheduled.
Depending on their time availability, professional interests and knowledge of the design programs, candidates can choose whether to participate in the theoretical lessons plus the final project work, in which to put into practice, in groups, the notions acquired, or just the theoretical lessons. (scheduled from 28 February to 17 March 2022)
The first part of the course (frontal lessons) can be attended by operators of the sector, hoteliers and managers; the project work is dedicated to designers.
The choice will be communicated to the Training Office at the time of signing the contract for enrollment in the course.

  • International class
Criteria for assessing applications:
  • CV Screening
  • Motivation letter
  • Portfolio assessment

The selection process is based on qualifications and an interview.  Applicants must submit a curriculum vitae to  The admissions board will oversee the process.

Admission Requirements:
  • No minimum requirement
EARLY BIRD 10% to enroll in our Specializing Masters starting in spring 2022 and autumn 2022
Cost of the master: 1000 VAT excluded
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