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Admission to the MSc in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at Oxford University is competitive and based on student performance during the Postgraduate Diploma. Students on the Postgraduate Diploma who wish to continue to the MSc will be invited to apply during the second year of the course. Students who have been awarded the Postgraduate Diploma will normally be eligible for admission to the MSc up to two years after completion.

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The MSc in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at Oxford University will provide an essential step forward for those interested in continued training in the sub-specialty, and is an extension to the two-year Postgraduate Diploma in PID.

The MSc is intended to assess the students capacity to formulate research questions, select, design and manage a research project and write a dissertation of not more than 15,000 words on the research project.

Students will belong to the Department for Continuing Education’s Graduate School, which specialises in providing a stimulating and enriching learning and research environment for all the Department's part-time graduate students, fostering intellectual and social interaction between graduates of different disciplines and professions.

Students may attend any of the regular series of University lectures and seminars in relevant disciplines, particularly those run by the Department of Paediatrics.

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During the MSc, students will be matriculated and be members of a College, benefiting from a range of additional academic, pastoral and social support. The precise arrangements vary from college to college but typically include the allocation of a college ‘adviser’ and a programme of seminars, talks and social events providing opportunities for academic and professional networking

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        MSc in Paediatric Infectious Diseases

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