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The aim of the MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care at Oxford University is to help health professionals base their clinical and health management decisions on valid, reliable and relevant evidence, determined by sound scientific research and evaluation.

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Why study MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care at Oxford University?

By the end of the Master's degree students will be expected to be able to:

  • Find and appraise quantitative and qualitative research evidence critically and efficiently and understand what the results mean in different contexts and for different healthcare decisions.
  • Integrate and synthesise different sorts of information, from diverse sources, when making both individual patient and health policy decisions in a wide range of situations.
  • Be familiar with key issues for evidence-based practice in their own professional area or specialty.
  • Work comfortably in situations of uncertainty and make sound judgements in the absence of definitive evidence.
  • Work comfortably in unpredictable situations and deal with complex issues systematically and creatively.
  • Have an understanding of ethical frameworks in health care and be able to apply ethical principles to practical issues.
  • Understand health care organisations, their management and the changing context in which they operate
  • Be pro-active in recognising the need for change and have the ability to manage change.
  • Understand how to work with colleagues to make informed decisions based on evidence and operate effectively in a variety of team roles.
  • Provide leadership for evidence-based practice and research.
  • Manage projects, people, time and change effectively and efficiently.
  • Present and communicate information about research evidence and evidence-based practice clearly in written, electronic and oral forms to a range of audiences.
  • Be able to produce a robust research protocol, for a variety of different types of research question, in a format that can be submitted as an application for research funding.
  • Be able to play a lead role in the conduct and presentation of research.
  • Have an understanding of the ethical issues in health research and research governance.
  • Routinely use the principles of reflective practice.

Programme details

The MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care is a part-time course. There are two compulsory modules, four option modules and a dissertation.

Compulsory Modules

  • Practice of Evidence-Based Health Care
  • Introduction to Study Design and Research Methods

Option Modules (four must be chosen)

  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Mixed Methods in Health Research
  • Knowledge into Action
  • Evidence-based Diagnosis and Screening
  • Introduction to Statistics for Health Care Research
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Essential Medical Statistics
  • History and Philosophy of Evidence-Based Health Care
  • Teaching Evidence-Based Practice
  • Realist Reviews and Realist Evaluation
  • Complex Reviews
  • Meta-analysis
  • Statistics for Clinical Trials
  • Big Data Epidemiology

A module is run over an eight week cycle where the first week is spent working on introductory activities using a Virtual Learning Environment, the second week is spent in Oxford for the face to face teaching week (this takes place on the dates advertised), there are then four Post-Oxford activities (delivered through the VLE) which are designed to help you write your assignment. You then have a week of personal study and you will be required to submit your assignment electronically the following week (usually on a Tuesday at 14:00 UK Local Time).

Online modules are delivered entirely through a Virtual Learning Environment with the first week allocated to introductory activities. There are ten units to work through which are released week by week (starting on the dates advertised), you then have five weeks of personal study with use of a revision forum and then you will be required to submit your assignment electronically the following week (usually on a Tuesday at 14:00 UK Local Time).

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