Master in Color Design & Technology

The Specializing Master in Color & Technology will train a group of professionals who will be able to manage technology and project issues relating to the use of color in a wide set of field, including: industrial product design, interior design, communication, fashion, entertainment, indoor and outdoor lighting. Color is not just a simple attribute of objects and surfaces, but also a technical tool for ommunication and design, and a basic element to perceive and interact with the world.

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The Specializing Master in Color Design and Technology, held in collaboration with Associazione Italiana Colore, aims to provide advanced training to professionals, so as to enable them to understand and manage the many technological and design issues, often across many disciplinary areas, typical of all those professional and research sectors in which the use and management of color are essential. Examples of such production areas include industrial product design, interior architecture, communication, fashion, entertainment and urban planning. Particular attention will be paid to analyzing and summarizing utilization, control, ideation, organization and planning through the use of color. Consequently, color is not treated as a simple attribute of objects or surfaces, but as a means of expression and design underlying perception and interaction with reality.


The Specializing Master aims to produce an innovative professional figure, widely in demand by the market, with advanced technical and design skills concerning color use and control and color design in research and in several sectors such as interior design, urban planning, industrial product design, fashion design and communication. At the end of the course, students will be able to professionally manage multidisciplinary aspects relating to the study and management of color and will be able to work in a variety of firms and companies in the fields of interior design, urban planning, industrial products, fashion, communication, paints and dyes.

The course will be delivered in English.

Ten didactic units and the internship compose the didactic plan. The first four teaching modules, run by Associazione Italiana Colore, are dedicated to developing fundamental skills in terms of the theories, methods and tools of color design. The next five are dedicated to developing advanced design and color skills in five contexts: interiors, exteriors, industrial products, visual communication and fashion. The module Empowerment aims to develop soft skills useful for integration in the labor market in view of the final apprenticeship, which will involve internships at companies and professional firms in the industry. 

Fundamentals: theories, methods and tools

  • Didactic unit 1: Hystory and Perception of Color
  • Didactic unit 2: Colorimetry and Color Systems
  • Didactic unit 3: Digital color
  • Didactic unit 4: Color Applications


  • Didactic unit 10: Empowerment  
  • Internship 

  • International class
Criteria for assessing applications:
  • CV Screening
  • Motivation letter
  • Portfolio assessment

Foreign students may present equivalent degrees earned abroad.

The selection process is based on qualifications and an interview.  Applicants must submit a curriculum vitae and a portfolio to  The admissions board will oversee the process.

Admission Requirements:
  • Bachelor
  • Equivalent qualification
10 partial exemptions of 4.000,00 € each are available for the second edition of the Specializing Master: for information contact Coordination and Training Office: (+39) 02 2399 5864;
Cost of the master: 10000 VAT excluded
Scholarships available
10 partial coverage
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  • Laboratories
  • Wifi access
  • Disability services

  • Book and/or database of graduates
  • Polls about alumni careers
  • CV sending
  • Feedback monitoring
  • International opportunities
  • Identifying companies for traineeship
  • Coaching during company's interviews
  • Traineeship quality monitoring
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