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Structure (12 months)The Rome Business School’s Master’s Degree in Agribusiness Management is structured in:6 months of lectures (twice a week), 6 months of project work, Company visits, Personalized career services, Cultural programme, Seminars and events. START: NOVEMBER 2020

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The Rome Business School’s Master in Agribusiness Management is the ideal academic course for professionals seeking a world-class degree programme in these disciplines, leading to a successful global career in the agro network field (production, seed and crop, harvest and stock in agriculture, market of commodities, food supply chain, food and wine business).

With the Rome Business School’s international perspective, the programme offers a unique learning experience and a global professional exposure, enabling participants to study in one of the best cities of the world or online. The programme’s quality teachingand networking services all contribute to make it the perfect fit for anyone who is looking to rise to the top in the world of farming, food production, or in the start-up agribusiness system.

Deadline SCOLARSHIP :  35% until 29 Maggio


On completing the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the characteristics and trends of the agri-food market and the role played by the farmers, industrialists, and their representatives in the organizations
  • Recognize the intersection of agribusiness with other areas of economic and social concern, such as economic development and new ways of production and business diversification (organic farming, biofuel, biogas, circular economy, etc…)
  • Identify and manage the characteristics of the main food businesses and develop effective managerial strategies
  • Develop a comprehensive business plan for agri-food corporations
  • Utilize the most advanced marketing techniques to promote businesses and organizations
  • Manage the financial dimensions related to agricultural activities
  • Understand and utilize project management techniques for agricultural businesses
  • Manage the agri-food supply chain
  • Learn about the start-up ecosystem related to agribusiness
  • Master the use of new technologies within farmer or industrialist organizations and the most advanced production tools and channels
  • Learn about the international organizations operating in the agribusiness sector and the international policies and support linked to this economic sector
  • Meet farmers or food producers that changed their companies by taking new and radical approaches.

Introduction and Scenario

Agribusiness and the World Food Economy


Agri-food Strategic Management

Principles of Marketing

Food and Agribusiness Marketing

Digital marketing for Agribusiness

Financial accounting for Agribusiness

Business planning for agribusiness

Project management

Human Resources Management in the Agri-Food System

Agri-Food Supply Chain Management


A history of European agriculture

The evolution of agronomic models. The recent history of global agriculture: enterprise and science.

The Start-up System

Innovative Start-ups and SMEs, Industry 4.0: opportunities for forward looking enterprises.

Seeds&Chips: the Foodtech and Agtech innovation fair

Startupbootcamp: the Foodtech and Agtech start-up incubator and accelerator


Technological innovation

Agro-pharmaceutical innovation and new techniques for sustainability

Multifunctionality in agriculture

Social farming, opportunities for a new business model

Internationalization and International Experiences

International cooperation

Common agricultural policy in Europe

Multilateral processes and global policy processes on agriculture

  • Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca
  • Repubblica Italiana e Camera di Commercio
  • Unione Europea
  • UCAM
  • ECBE
  • Project Management Insitute (PMI)

International study tourThe Master’s degree courses include the opportunity to study abroad for a week, which will give you a chance to learn further management models and systems worldwide. A Multicultural environmentThe Rome Business School prizes intercultural exchange as a source of personal and professional development. Students from 5 continents regularly attend its courses. Paid international internshipsInterested attendees may take part in paid internships in numerous Countries at major companies and organisations.

  • Classe internationale
  • Internationales d'enseignants
  • Cours de langue étrangère 100%
  • Voyage d'étude à l'étranger
  • Stage formative à l'étranger
  • Formation dans les entreprises internationales
  • La présence aux cours à des endroits étrangers
  • Question des diplômes étrangers
Critères d'évaluation des demandes:
  • Evaluation du cv
  • Lettre de motivation
  • Test et/ou langue entrevue
  • Dynamique de groupe
  • Entrevue motivationnelle
  • Rencontre d'orientation

All applicants must have a three-year degree (or be near completion). Those with relevant professional qualifications or extensive professional experience will also be considered.

Applicants for English-taught Masters must demonstrate English language proficiency.

For both the on-campus and distance learning options and in order to ensure a high quality training course, classes can consist of a maximum of 15 attendees.

Conditions d'admission:
  • Bac+3
Le nombre maximum d'étudiants admis: 15
Deadline per Borse di Studio fino al 35%: 29 Maggio
Coût du Master: 5500 TVA inclus
Bourses d'études disponibles
Each student will also get a tablet computer.
  • Tutorat
  • Laboratoire
  • Accès WiFi
  • Accessibilité handicapée
  • Activités culturelles
Placement: 94%

  • Offre d'emploi
  • Sondages sur les carrières anciens étudiants
  • Les ressources multimédia: Liens / e-books
  • Bureau dédié
  • Outil d'évaluation (points forts, points faibles, l'attitude, etc)
  • Soutien et l'encadrement dans start-up
  • Envoi de CV
  • Suivi de commentaires
  • Opportunités internationales
  • Entreprises présentations
  • Careerday
  • Careerday par zone (finance, RH, etc)
  • Soutien à la rédaction de CV
  • Identifier les sociétés de stage
  • Des séminaires d'orientation
  • La formation en entreprise
  • Tecniques de chasse de l'emploi
  • Préparation à l'entrevue
  • Coaching dans les contacts avec les entreprises
  • Surveillance de la qualité du stage
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