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The MA Media in Development degree at SOAS engages with practical and theoretically-critical approaches to addressing the different ways in which media can engage with, be used, and constitute sources of contestation over economic, socio-cultural and political development. It draws on media theory, practical knowledge and experience, and an awareness of the critical debates within and about development itself to challenge assumptions about the role of media and development industries. The approach thus balances critical theoretical analysis of the hegemonic perspectives about the role of media in development with practical issues surrounding the use of media, including notably digital technologies. It is designed for those with an interest in global media and development, including media and development professionals seeking alternative ways of thinking about their roles as practitioners and activists. It provides an excellent foundation for MPhil/PhD research

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This MA Media in Development at SOAS programme challenges the assumptions behind the media and development industries and development studies and offers new ways of thinking about the critical issues facing societies today such as climate change. The approach balances critical theoretical analysis of the hegemony implied by the ideas and practices of development with the practical issues surrounding the use of contemporary media, including the use of digital technologies for development communication, online activism, developmental journalism, and information and communications technologies for development (ICT4D).

The MA Media in Development course draws on from critical media and cultural studies’ theory, practical knowledge and experience, alongside critical debates within and about development, to challenge assumptions about the role of media and development industries as agents of change in the contemporary world. Students combine critical theoretical analysis of the role of media in development with a focus on practical issues surrounding the use of media, including digital technologies. The programme differs from other degrees in the field by placing the onus on the role of media to further the development agenda, especially post the Second World War, critically negotiating its origins in West-centric ideas of modernisation, social change and progress and their relevance in today's multipolar world. Students benefit from the unique position of the Centre for Media Studies as a specialist institution for the study of media in the global south.


The programme aims to provide students with advanced learning skills through the use of a wide range of materials on critical theoretical approaches to and understandings of the role of media and ICTs in development processes. It is designed to give a solid grounding in media and development practices with special attention to the non-Western world.

The degree is organised around a core course, a range of optional courses and a dissertation. The course explores how and in which ways the range of actors involved in broad issues of development, including transnational organizations and NGOs use communication technologies. It also interrogates the different spatialities at work, as development thinking moves away from a focus solely on nation/state building and focuses more and more on communities and local participation.

With a student population of around 4,000 from over 100 countries, our relatively small size ensures that we offer a friendly and welcoming environment while at the same time being able to take advantage of all University of London facilities.

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