EMBA - Executive Master of Business Administration - UnternehmensorganisationFormel Wochenende, Lebensdauer: Über 18 Monate


EMBA or executive master in business administration are training courses for graduates and young professionals who are already working, as a previous professional experience is required to become students of these courses. Usually, they are programs for boys and girls, men and women who, after bachelor's or master's degree and a few years of career want to undertake a course in management.

Master programs and postgraduate courses in company  organization for graduates, bachelor's or master's degree, and young professionals interested in a career in human resources, management, strategy, business administration. They are specialization programs for boys and girls who aspire to become men and women of success within companies, organizations and institutions.

The master program with frequency over weekends are designed for students, graduates and young professionals who work but want to improve their skills by following postgraduate course that takes place on the weekend, usually on Saturday and Sunday. The students of these master programswant to acquire a certification after graduation, bachelor's or master's degree.

Master programs lasting more than 18 months are usually postgraduate courses designed for students, graduates and young professionals interested in a path that will lead them to a career in management or research. They require to spend more than a year and a half - in some cases up to two years and beyond - for further specialization.

  • Typologie: EMBA

  • Area: Unternehmensorganisation

  • Frequenz: Formel Wochenende

  • Lebensdauer: Über 18 Monate

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The Executive MBA by MIB School of Management in Italy differs for a concrete approach, flexibility, internationality, career support, customization of content: these are the elements that make it special this MBA.

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MIB School of Management
  • Formel Wochenende
  • 22 Monate
  • Kapitalgedeckten
  • Trieste - Italien
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